DC Universe Online in 2018 is alive and well.

I’ll start off by stating I am playing DC Universe Online (DCUO) on PS4, on the North American (NA) servers. My brother has joined me in our gaming adventures via cross-play on his PC.

You read that correctly.

Sony has allowed cross-play between PS4 and PC for DCUO! It works flawlessly as well. My brother and I have not experienced any lag. Our headsets work and sound great so talking to each other has not been an issue. The only difficulties we’ve ever experienced so far is speaking of controls since I have a controller, and he’s using a mouse and keyboard. That is just the nature of the beast though.

Yes, I shamefully snapped a photo of my TV screen with my phone. My brother’s character is on the left. I’m on the right. It was Batman Day when we received these shirts.

This game maybe 6 years old, but still a lot of fun in my opinion. Aside from the graphics, I’m also inclined to say it’s aged well too.

Comparing this MMORPG to the likes of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), Skyforge, and Neverwinter, the gameplay is right on track with the others. My draw to this game over the others is the fact you’re running around as a superhero (or supervillain)! Plus, the game is very action heavy, where you’re always fighting other NPCs or even other players. I find this much more my cup of tea than running around Tamriel in ESO looking for someone’s lost wife by speaking to twelve NPCs along the way. Yawn.

At this point in time, my main character has reached level 30, which is where DCUO “starts”. From here on, you go to a CR rating, which stands for Champion Points. I’m considered to be in my infancy of the game, so to go on to explain much more about this game in the article is rather difficult. Let me share some highlights though that really attracted me to this.

  • As said, DCUO allows cross-play between PS4 and PC players
  • For PC players, spending $5 CAD gets you Premium. Worth it too, as it doubles your inventory, bank space, allows you to receive and send items via the game’s email system, and up to $2000 in-game currency instead of $1500.
  • PS4 players with PS+ can download a special DCUO game pack which allows for Premium as well.
  • You can change the look of your character (except gender and build) to your heart’s content without paying anything. This includes “styles” you collect from items and colours. I’ve changed the look of my character almost daily because it’s so fun!
  • As said, this game is very action heavy.
  • If you’re a big comic book fan, especially DC, this will be right up your ally too. Just about all the popular voice actors were brought in for this game, including Kevin Conroy (Batman), Mark Hamill (Joker), Wil Wheaton (Robin), and Adam Baldwin (Superman). These actors voice over many missions and cutscenes!


A “raid” consists of 8 players, working together towards a difficult challenge. 



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