Battlefront 2 holds a galactic amount of fun

Three weeks ago, I picked up Star Wars Battlefront 2 on sale. I’d neglected to buy this game because of all the slack it received back in the Fall of 2017. Since then, the developers have had to make a lot of changes, but for the better of the gaming community.


When I jumped into the campaign after installing the game, I was blown away within a very short time. I already knew this game was amazing for graphics, just as Battlefront 1 was. However the animations, ease of control, voice acting, music and more is all top-notch. The story itself was even compelling as I tried to figure out who this new female character was and where she was headed to next.

In fact, I enjoyed the campaign so much, aside from it being very short (took me 5 hours) I played through twice and on a harder difficulty before I went off to explore more of the game itself.


The Arcade mode is a lot of fun for me. This is where you get some freedom to just pick your favourite hero (or villain) and just go bananas on the AI (bots) who are trying to take you down.

I found myself favouring Darth Sidious the most because of his chain lightening, which allowed me to bring down a lot of enemies within a short amount of time. Dark Maul may be a close second for me.


As a former Battlefield 4 player, my expectations were high for multiplayer. I wanted to see large, chaotic battles. Lasers everywhere. Vehicles shooting at me and crashing for no reason. Random grenades going off.

Battlefront 2 delivers all of that and then some. You’re given four classes, all with special skills and weapons (that you unlock over time as you collect points). All are great, and none feel like a waste of time.

As you play, you also get Battle Points, which as you save up, allows you to use a new hero. It could be as cheap as 1000 points to use a Rocket Storm Trooper. Or you can save up to 8000 points and use Rey. Whether you see heroes or villains is obviously up to which team you were on.


If you were to ask me what my favourite class is, I would have to go with Assault. The class has a gun with a motion tracker that you can shoot, which then reveals all enemies in the proximity of the sensor, even through walls.  Plus you get a mode where you can run faster, and with a shotgun. Last, there are two weapons especially good.

The CR-2 not only sounds really cool, but it shoots lasers at a very high rate of fire. It’s downside is it is not the best long range. The A280 is great for long rage situations.


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