Alienation is 70% off in the PS Store (Canada). Extra 10% off for PS+. Super fun and addictive!

I picked up Alienation a few days ago on a whim since it looked pretty cool and only cost me $3.99 CAD. (I have PS+.)

I did not expect to find myself so hooked on this game. It’s fun and refreshing to play an arcade style game like this again. The RPG element to it is great and keeps you going to see what new powers and weapons you’ll get.

Alienation kind of reminds me of Diablo with the top-down style view and distance to your character, and that’s a good thing in my eyes.


It is also quite effortless to hop into a campaign level with other players and join in on the fun with up to 3 other people!

In short, this is one hell of a deal and certainly worth full price, let alone the 80% discount!

Alienation in PS Store


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