From the BlackBerry KEYone to the Google Pixel 2

After now owning a Google Pixel 2 for over a week, I thought I would share some thoughts on my transition between devices.

  • Going back to a virtual keyboard wasn’t as bad as expected. The Pixel 2 has a small footprint, so typing on it compared to my Nexus 6P is going very well. GBoard appears to have greatly improved too since over a year ago.
  • I do miss looking away from the screen and still being able to type on my KEYone’s physical keyboard.
  • As expected, switching from an SD625 to an SD835 processor is very nice, so the Pixel 2 naturally feels infinitely smoother.
  • I miss the convenience key from the KEYone. That was handy.
  • I miss the shortcuts from the physical keyboard and how easy it was to open an app or shortcut.
  • Seeing the battery level drop to 50% before 4 PM nearly gave me anxiety. The KEYone was still lasting me two days on a single charge, even after a year’s use.
  • I have Android P installed on my Pixel 2, and the gesture navigation is intuitive and fun to use. Loving that.
  • Animations from the Pixel 2 and Android P are fantastic and like eye candy for me.
  • It is nice to be back to a “normal” screen ratio of 16:9 on the Pixel 2 compared to the KEYone’s oddball 3:2 ratio. I was beginning to see a lot of cut-off content on my KEYone, specifically from Instagram
  • The KEYone’s camera was actually very good. Did well. But it took forever to boot up and I’ve missed shots. It’s nice to double tap the power button and BOOM, camera is there and ready to shoot
  • Portrait mode from the Pixel 2 is amazing. Period.
  • I had missed dual front-facing speakers from my Nexus 6P. It’s nice to have them back again on my Pixel 2.
  • The build quality from the KEYone to the Pixel 2 feels different, but I’d say in regards to quality, they’re the same. Pixel 2 is certainly more slippery and needs a case. The KEYone has a nice rubber(?) backing.
  • Having a water resistant smartphone adds some piece of mind. I never blamed BlackBerry Mobile for not having it though. That would be expensive with the physical keyboard.
  • The vibration motor for haptic feedback is miles better than the KEYone. The quality in the KEYone in that regard was below par. The one in the Pixel 2 feels nearly as good as my wife’s iPhone 8. It’s like a nice click on press, not a buzz.
  • The NFC is far stronger. I can make Android Pay transactions with my phone an inch or two away from the machine. Most phones have to practically touch the machine for NFC to read.
  • Bluetooth is quicker than my prior devices. Notifications on my Pebble watch are instant now. Music begins streaming to my van much faster.

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