Two new loves. The Elder Scrolls Online and Neverwinter

In December of 2017, I have decided I had enough of First Person Shooters (FPS), but still enjoyed idea of MMORPG’s. Destiny was a long-time favourite to play, but unfortunately, Destiny 2 didn’t bring enough to the table and I was done with it after about 3 months.

Along came a sale in the PlayStation Store. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (ESO). $20. Why not?


Fast forward to now, in April of 2018, and I can say I’ve barely touched any other game I own. I’m hooked.

For those who have played this game and know the lingo; I now have a Magicka Sorcerer for DPS, a Magicka Templar as a healer, and a Stamina Dragon Knight as a tank. All are now at Champion Point (CP) level 250. I’ve joined several guilds, and befriended many fellow players. Suffice to say, I have really enjoyed playing this.

A few of my fellow ESO players have mentioned another MMORPG game named Neverwinter and how they still play it too. Since Neverwinter is a free-to-play (F2P) game, I recall trying it a year ago (or more), but I never got into it. I figured with my interest shifted, and with how much I enjoy ESO, I’d give it a shot again.


After playing this game for about half an hour, I was understanding the mechanics, layout, and mentality very quickly. ESO had trained my brain on how to play these types of games. Neverwinter ‘clicked’ this time.

In fact, after playing for about five days now, I have a Scourge Warlock at level 26, and I find myself excited to pick up the controller and level up this character even more.

ESO vs Neverwinter: From a noob’s perspective

I’ve never progressed far enough to play any “end game” in ESO. I’ve never played a trial yet, and I have only played one dungeon in veteran mode. It should be obvious I am still new to Neverwinter as well.

That said, from an early game standpoint, I do have some insight to provide on both of these games.


  • All quest conversations are voiced over
  • Graphics and frame rate are better
  • You can explore far more territory
  • The feel of the game is more “real”
  • The amount of lore is massive
  • You can join up to 5 guilds
  • Voice channels to communicate are simple, although buggy
  • Text channels are easy to use, and work well with a keyboard
  • Finding friends in guilds and such are a bit easier
  • More emotes
  • Less advertising for purchasing things with real money compared to Neverwinter


  • 90% of the conversations have voice overs
  • Fighting enemies occurs more often
  • Fighting mechanics make more sense, and are more in tune with using a controller
  • Finding quests are easy thanks to a “sparkle” trail, leading the way
  • The user interface (UI) is better designed and more interesting to the user
  • Spell casts and weapon swings are more “flashy”
  • Menu system isn’t as visually appealing, but works quicker
  • Many controller shortcuts to jump to menu areas
  • Level design has more creativity and detail despite lower frame rate and lower res textures
  • Obtaining and completing quests are more in-your-face

Both games are fantastic, and clearly have their own strengths and weaknesses. Those who have played these games much longer, and played more end-game content may have a different opinion.


Update (May 8, 2018) So between these two games, Neverwinter has really maintained my interest. I have a character now at the max level of 70, which is where “the game really begins”. I am also enjoying a second play through with another character, already at level 28. I’ve loaded up ESO a few times here and there, and although the look of the game looks to be higher quality, the fun factor isn’t nearly the same for me.

This has been quite a surprise considering Neverwinter is free-to-play, and Elder Scrolls has cost me $20 CAD for the base game, and another $20 CAD or so for three months of ESO+.


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