Rats. My KEYone’s screen is coming off. Warranty replacement on route. [Progress updates within.]

There’s been a known issue with the BlackBerry KEYone, and that is there is not enough glue (or none at all?) between the screen and the body of the phone. In turn, people have dropped their phone and the screen has come right off. Others, like myself, have found the screen to just begin lifting from a corner, often right above the keyboard.

Well, despite treating my KEYone like glass and keeping it in a case, I discovered a couple days ago my screen is lifting from the corner above the “P” key. Rats.

So, I quickly contacted BlackBerry Mobile, originally via Twitter. They replied within good time.

After creating a ticket with them via their website, I received an email back asking for my name, address, and phone number. I was then told BlackBerry Mobile would be phoning me, requesting my credit card info. This was because they would send me a new KEYone, and it’s up to me to return my own KEYone within 10 days, or else I would be charged.

On Wednesday, BlackBerry Mobile called me and went through the steps and process of what would be done. They also went over other aspects, such as what happens if they find my phone wasn’t covered under warranty, or not returned, etc. So I provided them with my info, and was told I will receive an email that will have a tracking number for the new KEYone. I’ll also receive prepaid return packaging for me to use to send in my current phone.

Now it is Friday afternoon, and I still haven’t seen an email from BlackBerry Mobile. Fingers crossed it shows up soon, and the process from here on goes smoothly.  I will update this article as progress occurs.

Update 01: August 28/07

On August 25th I did receive the tracking number via email. It’s been sent via UPS.

This morning, UPS tried to deliver the package at home, but of course, I am at work. I called UPS and managed to have them keep it at one of their depots for me to pick it up. Hopefully I can get down there tomorrow around noon to pick it up!

Update 02: August 28/07

So I admit it. I was getting nervous I was losing precious time to be able to send back my current KEYone to BB Mobile with their 10-day window, and in turn, I would be charged on my credit card. Thankfully, BB Mobile answered my question via Twitter, informing the 10-day countdown doesn’t begin until I receive my new KEYone in hand.


Update 03: August 29/07

Last night, around 6pm, UPS surprised me by returning for a second attempt at delivery. Excellent!

KEYone devices
Replacement KEYone on the left. My old KEYone on the right.
Refurbished form
BlackBerry was quite transparent here by attaching this form, showing me I received a refurbished device.

Within the package from BlackBerry was a refurbished KEYone, a paper identifying the device as refurbished, instructions on how to return my original KEYone, pre-paid UPS packing slip, and packaging. No accessories were included at all.

I spent some of the evening charging up my replacement KEYone, and then setting it all up. The device works well, and looks absolutely mint. No dings, scratches, or anything. I did, however, check the manufacture date.

It turns out I received a KEYone technically older than my first one. My first one was manufactured on 2017/05/04, while the replacement is dated 2017/04/28. I know this is only a difference of roughly a week. Still, I was hoping for one that was manufactured in July of 2017, which is when the devices were made with more glue behind the screen.

I am hoping this replacement already had the screen come off, and then re-glued by BlackBerry Mobile / Alcatel. Perhaps I’ll be alright now. However, I have seen some KEYone owners go through the RMA process more than once. So, time will tell.

Back to the lighter side of things, this replacement is working as well as I hoped. The keyboard feels newer than my original. The capacitive aspect of the keyboard is working perfectly. The battery appears to just as good already, with only a 2% discharge overnight.

If anything goes South, I’ll be sure to update this article once more.

Update 04: August 31/17


This morning I checked the tracking number that I recorded from the return packaging that BlackBerry provided. As seen in the image above, it appears to have arrived successfully.

As for my replacement KEYone, it’s running like a top. The battery appears to be no worse than my original. The keys felt a shade more worn, and yet, they are easier to type on. My favourite things about this replacement, other than the screen being fully attached, is the capacitive aspect of the keyboard is working as it should. I can swipe to delete again!


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