A few days ago, the developers of Titanfall 2 released more free DLC. This one included a new game mode called Frontier Defence. I played it last night for a few hours and loved it!

If it’s one thing I love and adore about Titanfall 2 and the developers at Respawn, it’s that I paid for the game once back in November 2016, and haven’t had to give them anything more since. Not only that, their free DLC isn’t just maps redone from the first game. There’s been UI changes, weapons, and more game modes. In my opinion, Frontier Defence is the best one to date.

To start, new mode game mode is a 4-player co-op game against the AI. It’s a classic style of waves after waves of enemies trying to take down what you need to protect. As much as I love multiplayer and taking down other gamers in other modes like Attribution, playing with 3 others as a team is really slick!


If you have Titanfall 2 and have not played for a while, I encourage you download the latest patch/DLC and give it a go! Remember, it’s free!