Just shy of a year ago, I left Android Coliseum to try out my own website and see how it goes. Unfortunately the volunteers and I couldn’t keep up the momentum, and the followers never showed up.

On top of this, I found Android itself to have plateaued on their progress, and Canadian-specific activity just wasn’t really there. I know other sites of the same nature fill the blank space with accessory reviews, or branch out from Android to Apple and other tech. I was hoping to keep my site with a narrower focus. Lesson learned, that was not the way.

On top of this, I’ve lost my steam to really put a lot of heart and soul into the site. When free time arises and I’m not working or doing something family related with my daughters, I pick up my PS4 controller and game instead of pushing articles to Eh! For Android.

Thanks to all followers who paid attention to Eh! For Android and interacted with the site and its social media presence. It was fun to try out.