I’ve been a fan of Mortal Kombat series since the first game in 1992. I loved Injustice: Gods Among Us. I’m a huge DC Comics fan. It was only a matter of time before I picked up Injustice 2.

As I had expected after watching gameplay on YouTube, this game exceeds all expectations of a fighter game, and it’s been a while since I’ve had a game where I purposely got out of bed a bit early just to squeeze in some game time!

So what makes this fighter game so special? It’s the RPG aspect to it they’ve added on. After nearly every match you complete, you level up not only yourself, but each character you use. In addition to XP, you randomly gain new gear for all of your characters.

Batman with level 20 gear

This includes helmets, masks, armor pieces, footwear, weapons, and colour combinations. Not only do these change the appearance of your characters, but it each item you equip can add or remove various stats and perks. Suddenly I found myself wanting to play more just for the “grind”. I love unlocking and collecting items. The vast amount, and the quality of the gear you can add to the already amazingly well designed characters is so impressive. This alone will add to the longevity of the game, as I’ve read it takes a long time to collect everything for all characters.

The other engrossing aspect of Injustice 2 are the graphics. I am not even referring to the gameplay itself during matches – although it does look fantastic. The facial animations of all characters during story mode, entrances, and clashes all look great.



Lets not forget one of the most fun and memorable aspects of Injustice 2 – the dialog.

The writers and voice actors must have been working non-stop to accomplish this must dialog in a video game. The amount of combinations between characters is really high, and yet all of them seem catered to each scenario. Bravo, NetherRealm Studios. Kudos!

If you have Injustice 2 on PS4, feel free to connect with me. I could use some friends practice with!