Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen Rocket League come up in gaming chatter on Reddit and elsewhere online, but when I looked at it myself, I though, “Meh…”

Then Sony had a large sale on the PlayStation Store, and I bought Rocket League for just $10. Why not?

Holy crap, what a fun game!

I’m wishing I’d picked this up sooner, even if it would have cost me a little more. This game is a fantastic mix of hilarity, epic moments, intensity, and skill. Yes, despite the look and nature of this game, there is skill required to get that giant ball into the goal while other players are flying their own vehicles at it with insane speeds.


The hilarity of is all comes from driving your customized vehicle around like an indestructible Hotwheels car and making it jump around and try to bump the ball to where you want it to do. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t. But seeing players’ vehicles flying around the area chaotically often has me laughing.

The intensity is there though too though, because just like any sport, you just want to get that ball in the goal! I’ve caught myself leaning forward wishing the ball would move a bit faster towards the goal before the other team knocks it off course.


The customization aspect is huge too! Aside from different vehicles to choose from, you get decals, antenna toppers, things like a giant hat for the roof of your vehicle, different rims and tires, paint jobs, and more.

If you’re looking for a fun game with a large community, lots of action and plenty of laughs, I highly recommend Rocket League!