I finally got around to watching Chappie on Netflix. At first I thought I was watching a Robocop ripoff film. Then I began to think it was Shortcircut. Eventually, I came to realize I was watching a bit of both.


See, there was a thing with Robocop vs. Ed-209, and here’s Chappie up against The Moose. That wasn’t too obvious of a ripoff, was it?


Or how about Chappie gaining the ability to be self aware, and wanting to live in peace while his creators are after him? Short Circuit wasn’t that similar, right?

See, I feel I could have enjoyed Chappie more, if I didn’t feel it was literally two classics mashed together.

The acting was good, the animations were on point, and the humour added to it was comical. I just could not get past the fact this movie made me want to re-watch Robocop and Short Curcuit more than anything to do with Chappie.

1251623 - Chappie

Sorry, Chappie.