Last week I picked up No Man’s Sky (NMS) for my PS4 on release day, and I’ve put an hour or two in it each day since then. At first, I found myself questioning my choice in getting this game. It isn’t what I’m used to. Little action. Slower paced. It’s quite zen – just as advertised.

Then I came to realize I liked the change of pace. I got used to seeing the exact same buildings on different planets and solar systems, and clued into just how unique each planet is, and even the solar systems. The mechanics of the game took time to get to used to, as there aren’t a whole lot of tutorials. I kept my eye on /r/nomansskythegame on Reddit and found a bundle of helpful information there.

NMS will be liked by three types (or a mix) of people;

  1. Those who want a relaxing, calm, zen type of experience. Yes there are some space pirates and creatures who’ll attack you, but it is a small percentage of your time playing the game
  2. Those who love space exploration
  3. Those who don’t care about all the things missing from the trailers and talk of NMS before release

If you don’t fit into any of the above listed, it’s probably in your best interest to just bypass this game all together.

For me, this game is incredible. I’ve been to roughly 25 planets and 4 solar systems. I’ve been attacked by critters and space probes on planets, and by “pirates” out in space. I’ve seen all types of creatures, although no huge ones yet, and certainly none that have tried to make love to my ship…

Screen capture by Reddit user JordanLorenz

I enjoy the ability to choose my own path in the game too. There isn’t much of a right or wrong choice here. In my case, I upgraded my exosuit with more slots to hold more loot. A friend of mine upgraded his ship first and also mined a lot of gold for galactic currency. I updated my multi tool and also picked up a better one, and my friend bought a whole new ship before me. Neither one of us is really ahead of the other. We’re just doing our own thing, and that is perfectly alright.

Sonic the Hedgehog made an appearance? Source: Reddit

As for bugs and reliability, right now it is varying per person and whether or not they’re on PS4 or PC. I lucked out and didn’t have any problems until last night – if you’re curious about that story, take a look my Reddit post.