I’m trying to back off of pushing new apps on people. I’m an early adopter and I often get backlash from friends, family, and even coworkers when I am the one who is suggesting new technology to them.

Duo feels worth the attempt however. Why? It’s super simple. It’s easier to use then the competition. It’s fast and the results are fantastic.

I’ve been in video chats a fair amount over the years. I’ve tried a few apps out there, but usually stuck to Facebook Messenger’s video chat, and Hangouts. Both did the job, but between myself and say, one of my sisters out in Ontario, the video get choppy, the audio wouldn’t work, and sometimes it just plain dropped the connection. It sort of kills it. This is 2016. We’re not on dial up anymore. I always felt this shouldn’t be happening.

Google clearly feels the same, and instead of fixing up Hangouts, they decided to go from the ground up and make an app to do one job, and do it well.

A slide from Google I/O earlier this year

I tested the app out myself with four people so far. All were in different situations. My brother talked me last night for half an hour using Duo. He was in a restaurant, walked to his car, was driven home, and then continued to talk while chatting at his home desk. He went from WiFi to LTE and to another WiFi connection, all without dropping the call.

Another friend called me to test it out, and he was on a bus. It worked well, although did hang a bit when his signal got week – however, his audio continued without any issue. Had it been Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, we’d have lost contact entirely.

As for features to set this apart from others, all it has is “Knock Knock” – but it is awesome. If you call someone with Duo, and they have you in their contact list, they’ll see you there before they even pick up and answer. (Android only.) It is a fun addition for sure, but if you don’t care for it, you can shut it off in settings.

So do I recommend this app? Heck yes I do. In my opinion, this is as easy as FaceTime, perhaps easier, and it of course works on both iPhones and Android phones.

For a more in depth review, I recommend checking out Android Police’s article.

If you’re one to video chat with even just one person, I encourage you to give this a shot!