If there was one thing I have enjoyed from a Windows Phone, it’s their home screen launcher. Those various coloured tiles, all different sizes and colours, and many with various animations, add some fun interactivity to the device. Accessing your favourite apps is fast and easy.

A long time ago, I had use a launcher called Launcher 8. It did a fantastic job of mimicking a Windows Phone. However, when I installed it a few days ago, I found it loaded with ads in tiles, and it just didn’t feel well maintained compared to how I remembered it.So, I went through the Google Play Store and settled on another app called SquareHome 2.


SquareHome 2 feels amazingly polished. The animations are smooth, and customization is plentiful.

Your titles can be opaque to fully transparent. You can choose any colour you wish for all tiles, or just select ones. Your tiles can be tiny to huge, and square to long rectangles. You can add a divider to help separate your home screen.

SquareHome 2 includes a few of its own widgets, such as Windows Phone style clock, launcher, battery circle, system monitor, and photo slide show. And don’t worry, you can still add system and widgets too. They just fit right in with the tile space you choose.

If you need to see all apps, don’t worry, this launcher still has its own app drawer with more customization options. I have mine set to list all apps which scrolls vertically.

Something cool about SquareHome 2 compared to Launcher 8 is you can have more than one home screen. I could have one screen for all home apps, and another for all work apps. Or perhaps one for apps, and one for widgets. It’s up to you!

One common complaint I’ve seen people report on Google Play is the animations are a bit much. Luckily, you can set animations to the system default, which is much quicker.

I also enjoy the option to see my notifications within the tiles. Not only is it a counter per app, but the content of the app tile will scroll nicely and reveal the content of the notification. (This can be turned off.)

If you’re looking for something very different than Nova Launcher, Google Now Launcher, etc., give this one a shot! It’s free with an option to pay. You get 14 days to try out the paid features.