Spoilers ahead!

I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS) on opening weekend. Prior to seeing it, I was already hearing and seeing critics and reviewers really slamming the flick.


Well, having now seen the film, I can honestly see why people either love it or hate it. A lot happened in the film, and yet, not enough happened. That doesn’t make sense to you? Well, neither does BvS.

What I liked.


I’ll just get right into it and say that I really enjoyed this iteration of Batman. Ben Affleck did an amazing job of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. I have no issues with his acting here. This is honestly my favourite version of Batman that I have seen on the big screen. His fighting style was very close to what we’ve seen when playing the Batman Arkham series.


Wonder Woman was just fantastic on the big screen. There was nothing wrong with Gal Gadot’s acting, and the character’s powers were all shown and used just as a comic fan would expect. She got me pretty hyped up when she was fighting Doomsday.

The reveal of Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg was also done well and brought more to the hype train. Each one looked great and has me excited to see future DC films with more of them involved. Although it is a shame it’ll be a different actor playing the Flash than Grant Gustin,  who I’m used to seeing on TV.

Henry Cavill did great once again as Superman.

The fight scenes and the chase scene with the Batmobile were all good as well. No complaints there.

What I did not like.

Now comes the criticism. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion.

The beginning seemed to last 3/4 of the movie, and things finally got moving in the last 1/4. Honestly, there were points I wanted to close my eyes until I saw some action happen. Much of what I saw could have been dropped or condensed.


That was not Doomsday! I’m also for changing a character. Superman changed a lot over the years since 1938, so I am alright with slight changes here and there. But, changing Doomsday from a creation on Krypton and going through all kinds of hell, to some abomination made by Lex Luther and using Zod’s corpse? What?? Also, Doomsday does not make huge explosions from within his body… I never saw that in any comics anywhere. And that character design… Why would you not make him look right??

Speaking of Lex, here too I thought he was just too different from what I am used to. This iteration of him was annoying and difficult to follow. I get that he was to be loopy and crazy with a brilliant mind, but I just felt he like a spoiled brat that needed a kick in the teeth. I much preferred the Lex I’ve seen in the comics, Injustice, cartoons, and even in past Superman movies.

Before I go on too much here, I’ll end with Lois Lane. As much as she’s pretty to look at and was even acting well, there was just too much of her on screen. Way to much. This whole thing felt like she was the centre point of the film. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought it would be more so about Supes, Bats, and Wonder Woman.