I bought Mortal Kombat X (MKX) back when it was released and played it off and on. It was a lot of fun, but I had trouble with playing it consistently because I didn’t have friends who played it too. Playing the game online was just a gong show because the lag was so horrid, so that option went out the window.

I got bored of playing the computer (a.i.), so MKX was put away unless some friends were over to play the game with me.

Fast forward to the release of Kombat Pack 2, and also a change in the title, “X” to “XL”. It is a night and day difference when playing online. I played this afternoon for several hours while trying to learn Triborg (specifically Sektor and Smoke) and it felt like I wasn’t even playing online! Wow!

Speaking of Triborg, he’s my immediate favourite new character. All the variations being different characters are sick, and makes it easier when choosing different variations.

Someone on Reddit pointed out that with all 33 characters available now, with 3 variations per characters, plus the hidden Cyber Sub-Zero, makes for 100 total variations! That’s pretty impressive!

If you had shelved MKX for whatever reason, or, you’ve seen the Mortal Kombat XL title in store and wondered if you should go for it, I highly recommend it!