The above image is floating around the web right now, and with good reason. Assuming that all the facts are correct, this can help prove a point to all those involved with making these comic movies.

Stay 100% accurate to the comics, get a 100% of the fans support!!! The fans have spoken!!! – Bat in the Sun, Facebook Page

I agree with Bat in the Sun‘s comment. Too many comic movies in the past change what us fans know of the Marvel and DC universes. We keep seeing origin stories changed. Genders, race, powers, costumes, and where they’re from. There are even cases where a movie has made up characters entirely that didn’t exist anywhere else.


The Deadpool movie did it right in numerous aspects.

  • Colossus is supposed to be Russian. He supposed to huge. He is supposed to look like he’s made out of metal 24/7. They didn’t do this in the X-Men films.
  • They didn’t introduce any characters that didn’t come from the comics. (Yes, Negasonic Teenage Warhead actually came from the comics.) They just worked with what they were allowed to have.
  • Deadpool kept the mask on. In Spider-Man, I remember Toby always taking off his mask. It was said he did it so the audience could see emotion better. Still, animate the mask. Or just work at it differently so emotion is portrayed through body actions, voice, etc. I want to see Spider-Man, not Peter Parker.
  • Deadpool has a LOT of Deadpool. You’re not just seeing Wade Wilson on screen for 75% of the film. You’re actually seeing what you went to go see!

Anyone ever see the reboot of the Fantastic Four movie? Me neither. They changed so much that it just ticked off the fans. The Human Torch was not a black guy, nor was he adopted. He was the Invisible Girl’s (who was white) brother. If both of them were of the same race, it’d be alright, but the adopted part is just wrong.  I hear there were other huge changes that upset fans, which is why that movie bombed so hard.


Also, with all of the times we’ve seen Wolverine on screen, we never got to see him in his rear suit. He’s done well playing Logan, but if he rocked the costume shown above… Oh man…

So the bottom line – keep your comic movies true to the comics. You’ll profit from it.