I’ve blogged about the Deadpool movie a lot, I know. I was sucked into the hype with all of the great teasers, trailers, and other video clips with Reynolds rockin’ the red suit. I knew the movie was going be to good. I had little mentality of, “my expectations may be too high…”

Now, I already said I am not to do spoilers in this post, so there isn’t a whole like I can write about here. I’ll just echo what’s been said a lot over the internet.

Don’t bring your kids.


Seriously, this may have a Marvel comic character (and others) on screen. But, it is rated “R” for a reason. Unless you want your child learning about anatomy in an inappropriate way…

The nudity is there – both genders. The violence is there and some scenes compete with fatalities from Mortal Kombat.

The swear words are constant. The sexual innuendos occur so often that even a child could pick up on it.

So again… Don’t bring your kids.

Oh, and whenever the DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital is released; don’t buy this for  your kids either.

The funnies. Oh, the funnies…

If you aren’t an actual comic fan, especially of Deadpool, you should be you should still go.

Ryan Reynolds is hilarious to begin with. Combine this with Deadpool’s (aka Wade Wilson) ever-running mouth and you’ve got jokes and innuendos flying faster than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck.

In fact, I feel this flick could easily be classified as a comedy rather than an action/adventure.

Deadpool’s story is on track.

From all of my readings (which I admit isn’t as much as real comic collectors and even bigger fans of Deadpool) I’d say the story is on par with what was in the comics. So if you’re having any concerns about what you’ve seen of Ryan playing Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins – don’t worry.

The film had a good balance of seeing Wade Wilson and Deadpool onscreen. My beef with a lot of films is not seeing enough of the characters in action. Transformers – too much time looking at people. Ninja Turtles – same thing. (Same director too… hmm…) Point being is, you’ll see a LOT of Deadpool.

Best Intro, ever. Stay until the end!

I said no spoilers. But I have to say at least this – the intro is my all time favourite intro to any comic movie I’ve seen.

And just like other movies, always stick around until after the credits. I mean, the very, very end. It’s worth it. Trust me.