Imagine sitting on the couch, smartphone in hand, and your phone is charging wirelessly. No cables. No resting it in a special spot. Just powering up, right there magically.

That magic could be a reality one day thanks to “University of Washington engineers [who] have developed a novel technology that uses a Wi-Fi router — a source of ubiquitous but untapped energy in indoor environments — to power devices.”

Image from UW Today

According to an article from WU Today; “The UW team used ambient signals from this Wi-Fi router to power sensors in a low-resolution camera and other devices.”

I for am excited to see this technology being innovated. It would most certainly be a game changer, but not only for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Imagine anything in your home or workplace that uses a rechargeable battery, like a TV remote, your children’s toys, etc.

Source: Popular Science names ‘Power Over Wi-Fi’ one of the year’s game-changing technologies