I’ve been playing the Battlefield series from Bad Company 2, to Battlefield 4. Great games, and a lot of fun.

Then Destiny came along and I haven’t looked back to other first person shooter games the same way.

I gave Star Wars Battlefront Beta a shot recently. It’s a free beta, and I’m a Star Wars fan, so why not?

Wow… Colour me impressed.

The first thing I noted was the graphics. Holy cow, this game looks good. It’s all eye candy, and the FPS look higher than Destiny on my PS4.

Second, this game just feels easy to play. No reloading of guns – just a cool down time.

Third, but maybe most important – I just feel like I’m in the Star Wars universe. The sounds are great. The ships in the sky add to the atmosphere. There is even the classic, cheesy screen wipe transition that happens between respawns! Classic!

If you have the chance to try the beta, download it now and give it a go! It won’t be available for long. If you’ve missed your chance, consider picking this up. I have a feeling this game was done right and will be a lot of fun with some longevity to it.