I’m pleased to see that Pebble has paid attention to the demand for a round smartwatch, and delivered. The Pebble Time Round is pretty slick.

Immediately on social media I’m seeing tons of people screaming, “Dat bezel!” Honestly, the bezel on a watch has no effect on me at all. In fact, I hold the mentality it is just like a frame around a photo on the wall. What Pebble did here has managed to accent the watch face. If you look at some of the examples, they’ve even utilized it by adding some design and/or numbering. Clever.

My next smartwatch isn’t necessarily going to be the Pebble Time Round. I own a Pebble Steel now, but I’d like to try out an Android Wear device.

Source: Pebble Releases Pebble Time Round: The World’s Thinnest and Lightest Smartwatch