I’ve been playing Destiny for well over a year now. I was one of many who played the open beta months before the official release date. This game had made me forget all about Battlefield 4 and the Call of Duty series.

Despite the holes in the story and other growing pains of Destiny, I absolutely loved the game and the disc hadn’t been ejected out of my PS4 in months. Eventually though, it did begin to lose steam. Even after first two expansion packs were released, I found it hard to keep grinding for better gear. The repetitive factor was kicking in. Granted it took over half a year for this feeling to kick in, it was still there.

Then Mortal Kombat X and Witcher 3 were released. My Destiny days were on hold.

When the Taken King was released, I decided to look on the Sony Store to see how much the expansion pack was. $39.99 CAD. “Holy crap…”, I thought. That number was pretty high for an expansion pack.

However, upon research, and now after having bought it and playing it for over a week, I assure you, this is no mere expansion pack.


Thing of The Taken King like when Blizzard released an expansion pack for Diablo 2, called Lord of Destruction. It wasn’t just some new maps and weapons. It brought more story content. A lot more. The Taken King has nearly more cutscenes and dialog than Destiny and the firs two expansion packs combined!

Also, for a nice change, I don’t feel the need to go switching characters all the time. I went with my beloved Titan to kick off this new expansion pack and haven’t even thought about loading up my Warlock or Hunter. (Don’t worry, I will! Just not yet…)

I’m going to write up a full out review here. This post is just to add more reassurance that the $39.99 was definitely worth its value, and Destiny itself has a whole new experience to offer!