The latest craze out there in the realm of books are adult colouring books. My wife got one from a family member and hasn’t put the crayons down since. She tried to convince me I’d enjoy it too, but I wanted to see what other adult colouring books there are. I hear they help reduce stress.

Off to Chapters we went to browse the shelves. Well, I looked at quite a few books of this nature. None of them really made me want to sit down and colour them – even the ones that were more street art styled.

One book did jump out at me and it was among the anti-stress collections.

stick sketch school cover

“Stick Sketch School”. I looked at it because the cover made me smile, and the thought of learning how to draw stick men felt so silly. Well, as I paged through the book, the smile on my face grew and I thought, “this would be fun to doodle mindlessly in. This would bring out some laughs.”

Sunday afternoon, I brought home this book, and for the past three nights I’ve been doodling in it, I’m on the 9th lesson (chapter 4 of the second section) already.

If you’d like to read a more in depth review of the book and see some of the pages within, check out Book Review: Stick Sketch School.

Here are some fun pics of what I’ve doodled so far within the book;





For some who know me, you may be thinking drawing stick figures is a little beneath me. I’ve been drawing off and on since I was a child. Well, these days, I don’t draw much and I’ve lost a bit of patience when it comes to drawing. Creating silly characters in such an easy format though is both relaxing and easy to just to do. It’s accomplishing the goal – to relax me.

If you’re interested picking up this book, check out Chapters.