Yesterday, I went out window shopping to see if I would like a Chromebook. I sought after a store which had one or two of them on demo. Apparently though, with it being so close to September, the Back To School sales are in full effect and the Chromebooks are selling fast!

This lead to unexpected pleasure. At one of the Best Buys here in Winnipeg, there was a Chromebook, open box, on sale from roughly $240 down to $180. I was told I could buy it, take it home, and if I didn’t like it, I could return it within 14 days!

Well, my wife just looked at me, smiled, and told me to get it. It’s a deal you don’t walk away from.

The device is an Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-111. It was released late in 2014.

No Regrets Yet!

So I returned home yesterday around 4pm. I spent the rest of evening setting everything up. I updated the OS (…updated Chrome?), installed Chrome extensions and apps, and logged into my regularly visited websites. Many of the Chrome extensions were already installed when I signed into Google on the device. (Sweet!)

Off and on throughout the rest of yesterday, I tried to carry on my regular routine on this Chromebook. It didn’t take long at all to see this simple and cheap device was handling what I want to do far better than my 8 year old iMac. Sweet!

This particular Chromebook came with some handy features I’ve taken a liking too right away as well. The HDMI out is full sized, so I didn’t need to buy another cable to hook it up to my TV. (I’m now writing this on my 21″ TV rather than the laptop’s 11″ screen.) ChromeOS allows for you to connect the device to an Android and now I can use my phone to unlock my Chromebook!

For such a simple OS, I’m discovering more and more within a day’s time. I plan to actually review both ChromeOS and this Chromebook in the near future, which I’ll be posting on Android Coliseum.