Spoilers ahead.

Last night I got the opportunity to hit the theatre with one of my brothers and check out Furious 7, the latest film from the Fast & Furious series.
From beginning to end, I really enjoyed this flick. It was a ton of fun. This is movie you watch and just let loose of all logic and play along for a while. It’s a good time.
The along came the ending. Pow. Right in the feels.
In case you haven’t heard, Paul Walker, the actor who plays Brian O’Conner, died in a car accident back in November of 2013. He was half-way through making this film.
Well, here’s the beginning of the spoiler. The writers did not kill off Brian (Paul) in the movie. This is something I expected to happen, such as Glee did with Cory Monteith who played Finn. He passed away in July of 2013 and the Glee writers had his character die too.
Furious 7 kept things much more on the positive. Paul’s character had a kid with “Mia”, with a second child on the way. His days of gunfire, first fights, and street racing were to be over. The show already showed him kicking around in a minivan.
The ending places him on the beach (at this point, acted by Paul’s brother) with his son and pregnant girlfriend. All together they were playing. As this occurred, the rest of the cast looked upon them with tear filled eyes saying that’s where he belonged.
Vin Diesel walked off to go for a drive in the Challenger.
Paul caught up, digitally inserted into his famous Supra, telling Vin he couldn’t take off without saying, “Goodbye”, and together, they drove off down a curvy highway.
This was all raising my emotions already. Knowing I was watching the actors show REAL emotion for someone who passed away and was close to them.
Then this shot happened…
There goes Paul.