On the internet, I’ve come across what feels like an endless amount of hate and slander towards the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) movie coming out on August 8, 2014. The movie has a pile of strikes against it before the previews even came out, and then many more after.
  • Megan Fox is in the film. She’s not well liked in terms of acting. She really doesn’t look like April O’Neil either. Not even a red-head.
  • Michael Bay is involved. He’s been accused of ruining the Transformers movies. Now he’s taking on TMNT.
  • There were rumours for a long time the Turtles would be aliens.
Then the trailers were released, and more angry comments came about.
  • The turtles now have nostrils
  • The turtles are wearing clothes
  • The turtles look like Shrek with when the masks are off
  • Shredder is a robot? A suit?
Okay, I admit it. The turtles us fans have grown up with and come to love have been changed dramatically. But from my angle, here’s the thing…
The turtles still appear to be fun loving, huge goof-off’s (especially Mikey). They still have their individual traits well portrayed (Donny the gadget geek, Raph as a bad-ass, Mikey the goof-off, and Leo the slightly more sophisticated leader. Not only is it all portrayed in their actions and voices, but now they show it too. Why wouldn’t a bunch of teenage mutant turtles try to humanize themselves a bit?
This leads me to my next point: Looking like mutants. We all loved the turtles since the comics and how they were either drawn, or how Jim Hensen’s team brought them to life. But face it, they were always…cute. Now we have some mutants. Some reptilian creatures who got ooze all over them and mutated them into a humanoid stance and large size.
I’m sorry to my fellow die-hard fans, but I think this new look is fan-fricken-tastic! Kudos to the concept artists and designers of this new look.
As for the rest of the changes, well I’m a little hesitant. I too am used to Splinter and the Shredder’s origins. Yet, why not give his new approach a shot? Why not make something fresh? Maybe Shredder always should have been a bad-ass suit or robot? I mean, with this new design of the turtles, all of which are considerably larger in life, maybe an older man in a spiky suit wasn’t a great enough foe any more?
I feel everyone should relax until they see it. Or at least until a friend sees it, or even until enough people see it and review it. Then, come back and shoot off your mouth if you must.
For now though, I suggest we all relax.