While the thought of apps dedicated to only two people may seem silly, or even redundant to other chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, BBM, or WhatsApp – the apps for two hold their place.
My wife owns an iPhone. I use Android. Sometimes, things like calendar invites, don’t always mesh with each other being on different platforms. Sometimes these bigger apps run slow on my wife’s older iPhone 4s (I’m looking at you, BBM…). Then I discovered this entity of apps dedicated for couples. Two close friends. Married couples. Young love birds. Whatever. Just two people.
The first app I had tried was Avocado. It worked great for the two of us, and for a long time too. With this we could:
  • Share a calendar. Either one of us could make, edit, or delete an entry. Even set reminders for only one person or both of us
  • Create lists – although only to a maximum of 5 before having to buy anything
  • Share pictures – but only up to 200. Then you have delete pictures, or buy their special service
  • And of course, chat. This worked on iPhone, iPad (sort of), Android phone or tablet, and even the desktop via web app!
But, after a while, the app began to choke out on my wife’s iPhone 4s. We were capping our image limit. I began to seek something new.
Next up was Between. It has a lot of good reviews online, and even stickers in the chat! Something I admit to having fun with, as does my wife. Avocado did lack this. I wasn’t overly fond of the user interface, but it was alright. I think she and I stuck it out for maybe a month before just quit using it. A bit let down was the lack of the web app.
Some time went by and my wife and I just used BBM or Facebook Messenger. It was doing the trick. But missed having a list she and I could edit and see sync’d. I missed having a calendar that worked between us.

Then Couple popped up in Google Play.
Wow. Where was this months ago?
I won’t waste time in saying this app is GORGEOUS. The fonts. The animations. The cleanliness. The usability. The fact it has a calendar, lists (multiple), stickers galore (all you have to do is share some stuff to unlock them), and web app. Speaking of the web app, even THIS has a beautiful user interface.
Blown away.
My wife was reluctant to try yet another app. She’s not like me who likes to keep trying new stuff on the phone. But I pushed this one on her I can tell she’s grateful as she really seems to enjoy it and now uses it all the time with me.