SwiftKey came out with some big news today. The app is now completely free for all.

Instead of purchasing the app, they’ve opened a store within the app where users can purchase new themes and theme packs. Nice idea.

For people like me who had already paid for the app, they “gifted” a theme pack specifically for those users – a Premier pack.

Everything in that pack, with maybe the exception of one, are all ugly still. Meanwhile, this style is in the store:

My opinion – The best looking SwiftKey theme.
This, along with a light grey and dark grey version, are the best themes hands down. They’re simple, clean, and legible. Why are these not default now? Why are these not in the “Premium” pack at least? 
Oh wait, let me guess… It’s because SwiftKey wants even more money from even those who already paid. 
I kind of feel like a sucker, because I did spend the $0.99 on the black theme (shown above) since it was so nice and I was happy to see it. It wasn’t until later this morning I realized this is really what SwiftKey should look look like out of the box.
What do you think? Do you have a favourite theme? Do you feel like you’ve been compensated well after buying the app before it went free?