I’ve used my fair share of blogging sites over the years. Joomla, TextPattern, WordPress, and obviously Blogger. But Medium kept on showing up on my Twitter feed, and sometimes on Google+ as well, so I figured I’d check it out.
Image Source: http://blog.sourcemetrics.com/
Medium is a new blogging platform created by Twitter. They appear to be aiming for a place to tell stories – but from what I can see, people are using it for all sorts of topics. Technology, business, health, parenting, hobbies, sports… Medium has it set such that when you’re browsing to read a story (blog post) you’ll see it associated with the amount of time it would take to read it. Some are short and rated for 3 minutes. Others are of a good length, like 15 mins or even more. It’s really up to the writer, as I’m sure some users are adding their short stories.
Each paragraph has a small plus sign that shows when you hover the mouse over the text. Here is where other users (logged in via Twitter or Facebook) can comment, and even comment on others’ comments. So when you read someone’s entry, be sure to check out what others are saying along the way. It can get interesting, and keeps the social aspect in check.
Image source: http://econsultancy.com/
The fun really takes off when it comes to writing your own story. Medium is very “HTML5-esk” with the ability to upload a photo as your full screen header, and even a small caption intended to either describe the image, or place a credit. 
Next up you enter in your title, subtitle, and you’re off.
While writing the body of the content, you see where the simplicity caries on. There’s no option to choose a font type, size, or colour. Your options are bold, italic, quote (two levels), heading 1 or 2, comment, and hyperlink. All of which only show up when you highlight the text first.
Adding media is a cinch. Just click the plus symbol which shows up on the left and you can upload an image, embed code (YouTube, Twitter…) or add a line break.
Adding the photos is pretty slick. You have the option to keep it small and centred, with an elegant way to caption it off the left. Or, you can make the image full the width of the screen or off-centre. 
Just like many cloud services, as you type your content will be saved on the fly. No one sees your work until you either share it with specific people (assuming to have others proof read) or publish it for public viewing.
For me, I’ll continue to feed this blog with content related to my nerdy/geeky interests. It all relates to many of my followers and with the comment section integrated with Google+, it just makes sense. However, I really do like Medium, so I think I’ll toss some write-ups over that way too. Perhaps I’ll use it for parenting stories…
What about you? Have you discovered Medium? Do you use it? Is there something like it that you find better? Let me know in the comments!