I’ve publicly made this rant this before via social media. But to heck with it – I’m doing it again.

Where are all the other geeks, nerds, app enthusiasts and the like at in Winnipeg? I swear it feels like they just don’t exist – be it on Android, iOS, or even WP and BlackBerry. Every time a new and upcoming app or social media network pops up, I’ll be darned if I can find anyone on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ within the city who are trying out the same thing.

Why is this such a problem? Well…

Google+ has been my long term with Winnipeg. While there are people from the city using this social media network (finally) most use it lightly and still seem to hang on to Facebook as their sole network. Most folk from Peg City I come across on G+ are static, and probably made an account due to YouTube, GMail, and/or just to see the network, and disappear forever after.

Me? I love trying new things. I can’t even keep a wallpaper the same, why would I just stay on one or two social media sites? Or why keep using the same app over, and over? It’s not me. But I really didn’t think I’d be one among 650,000 people…

What’s brought on this rant again is that I tried two more apps today. Circle, and Secret.

Circle is a social network and app that is based on local people. So in my case, it would be all about people in and around Winnipeg. But, of course, when I sign up, I’m only seeing about 4 “people” posting – all of which are local newspapers. (Good on them for at least having a presence here.) Everyone else? It tells me around 2500 people are on it, but only 5 to 6 people are active? Really? The app has 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installs. Yet here it’s a ghost town… No fun.

Secret became available as of today, and I naturally wanted to see what the buzz was about. Again, it this is actually kind of fun. I’m not going into depth about these apps (maybe reviews another time) but in short, people anonymously post things in a very good looking UI and share “secrets.” Yes, some are people coming out the closet, admitting they slept in class, etc. But I find it fun when some are saying, “I’m typing this from the toilet” or “I put on headphones on the bus, but really I’m listening in on people’s conversations”. Ha!

But to have a real good time with this app, you need friends. From Facebook, Twitter, or you contacts. I have none. One needs at least three friends to be active, and I am sitting at 0/3. Sure I can explore public secrets and read them – but they’re limited and I can’t comment on them. It’s not leaving me with much reason to hang onto the app.

So. If by chance you’re from, or close to Winnipeg, and also one who enjoys exploring new apps and websites online, feel more than free to contact me.

I need more online friends. <sad trombone>