Call me nutty, but even after seeing the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC One M8, the Sony Xperia Z, LG G Flex, Nexus 5, Oppo Find 7, and yes, the OnePlus One, I’d still pick up a Moto X without hesitation.

I’ll start off by saying this is a phone that suits me, not necessarily everyone else. I don’t game on my phone. I have a tablet and a PS3 for that. I don’t do many phone calls, or even use it too much during work ours to drain the battery and worry about carrying an extra one in my pocket.

What I do care about is fast loading and good camera to snap photos of my kids, quick loading of apps, being able to access the latest and greatest, seeing notifications without even picking up the phone from on my desk, and not always having to use the power button to turn the phone’s screen on.

I’m aware all that all of the other phones I mentioned are more than capable of what I want. Tasker can be set up to open the camera on shake. Apps like Dynamic Notifications or AcDisplay mimic Motorola’s Active Display. But doing this comes at a cost – battery life. The Moto X is optimized to handle these features using separate processors within, thus maintaining a great battery life. Plus, Active Display is really only appropriate for AMOLED display, which the this phone has.

I’ve kept an eye on what people do when they go from a Moto X to a Nexus 5 or Galaxy S5. They try to bring back these missed features, only to be let down by the sacrifice of their battery draining, or the inconsistent responsiveness.

Being on KitKat before other flagship devices has also been a strong benefit in my eyes. I’m the kind of guy who loves to try out the new apps and features. Granted, as a Canadian, I did have to wait longer than my Moto X owning neighbours in the US – 3 months actually. However, I ended up jumping to 4.4.2 before the US. Nice trade-off. Now, I may enjoy any app that needs KitKat 4.4+. Not all other phones can say that even yet.

Did I mention the ability to update core features now via Google Play? Motorola separated out the camera, Active Display, Assist, Connect, Gallery, Migrate, and even the boot animation into Google Play, making for easier and more frequent updates. Brilliant!

For me, if and when I upgrade, I’ll be watching for the Moto X+1, Moto X2, or whatever Motorola calls their next device.