If you haven’t yet heard of IFTTT, you probably will eventually.

IFTTT stands for “if this than that”. The service, be it through desktop and/or app, does several things on your behalf. This can range from changing your Twitter profile picture to match your Facebook profile pic, to texting your wife or husband whenever you leave work.

I’ve used Tasker off and on for a year or so. To me, IFTTT feels like a simplified, less capable Tasker app. But when I say less capable, I mean in comparison to the vast amount of things Tasker can do. IFTTT certainly would do more than enough than the average user, and their capabilities are growing over time.

The app uses “Channels”. A Channel could be Facebook, for example. You turn on the channel, log into Facebook, and now you have Facebook related options available to you. Repeat the same for Twitter, GMail, Evernote, and you can see how it begins to work.

Before the app was even available on Android, I was giving it a shot just through the website (desktop). I had a “Recipe” (a.k.a. the task) that took any starred email in GMail, and added it to a note within Evernote. Worked consistently like a charm. I also set a few self reminders that worked in tangent with Pushbullet, like receiving a reminder every Tuesday night at 8pm to take out the trash.

IFTTT works for both Android and iOS. But if you want, just sign up on their website and fool around with what they have there. Lots of suggest and shared recipes that could work for you!