Since I’m rebooting my blog (again) I thought I would make a post to cover some of my most-active content online that you may find of interest.

Flipboard Magazines

I’m still a heavy of the app Flipboard. It’s beautiful, that’s all I can say. That and I highly suggest you check it out if you own an Android or iOS device.

A feature they brought out some time ago was the ability for users to create their own “magazines”. Said magazines can cover any topic they want. Politics, a country, a phone, gardening, cabins… You name it. So I went ahead and created a couple of my own.

Motorola Mobile – A collection of content from around the web pertaining to the Moto X, Moto G, upcoming Moto 360, and anything else related to mobile tech from Motorola. Since I own a Moto X myself, and hope to get my hands on a Moto 360 one day, I felt this would be a good topic to cover. I have about 60 articles and 50 readers at the time of this post.

Canadian Android – When it comes to Android and Android smartphones, I’ve learned quickly that everything new and exciting doesn’t always happen in Canada right away. Here I collect content about carrier deals, updates, and more that suits what we’ll actually receive in our country.

BlackBerry (BBM) Channel

If you’re a BBM app user, you may have noticed BlackBerry introduced channels. It’s like having a bit of a social media network within a chat app. Sounds odd, but works amazingly well. Naturally, I wanted to give this a shot, and quickly gaining a following of over 120 subscribers.

Motorola Mobile – There’s no link to lead you to since this resides only with BBM. Just enter this PIN and you’ll end up at the right place. C003C23E9


Yup. I’m going to push this again. I’m very active on Google+ and I believe everyone else should be too! Give me a follow and feel free to say hello!