I’ve tried a lot of Twitter apps over the year since using Android. No matter what though, I kept coming back to the official app made by Twitter. It’s clean. It has push notifications. I can see my conversations. It was all I needed.

But there was one app that kept getting mentioned on Twitter and Google+ by others out there. Falcon Pro.

This was confusing at first, a long while back, I kept seeing posts about Falcon getting removed from the Play Store because they ran out of Twitter tokens – twice. So those mentioning Falcon, were the early adopters.

Not quite true.

Falcon Pro is still available, and you can install and run it just fine, on multiple devices if you’d like. The thing is, you’ll have to put a bit of leg work into it. Don’t worry. It only takes about five minutes.

First off, is to go to http://getfalcon.pro, click on the picture of the falcon, and download the .apk file. Once you have the app installed on your Android device, you’ll notice it won’t work as expected. If you try to sign in, Twitter will stop you because of the token issue.  Now we do the fun stuff as seen in the instructions are found here.

If you already have a token, you do not need to do this
1. Go to the login screen.
2. Press the Falcon logo, press all corners until all 4 squares are on and then turn off the orange one.
3. Shake your phone!
4. On the Custom login screen, press HELP and follow ALL instructions. If you don’t follow all instructions on the HELP screen don’t come complaining.

Don’t be like me! I forgot to turn off the orange box, so it wasn’t working when I shook my phone.

Help instructions are easy. As said, just follow along on your phone and you’ll do fine.

Here’s a video I came across that does a pretty good job at explaining the process.

That should be it! If you run into troubles, feel free to drop me a line. Either via Google+ or Twitter. There is also a Google+ community dedicated to Falcon Pro which could be of use to you also.

I’ve been using Falcon Pro for a few days now, and I understand the hype about it. The user interface (UI) is gorgeous. It remembers where I left off in the feed. I can change settings to load image previews or not depending on Wi-Fi. There’s an in-app browser which is speedy. It has a proper layout when used on a tablet. So much more. Worth the effort in my opinion!