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I’m still in love with Flipboard. The app is so gorgeous, and so fun to use. Now, for Android users such as myself, I can even make my own magazines and share them with the world.

Here are three of my own that I currently have going;

Paranoid Android Addict

All things about Paranoid Android. This is a new ROM I’ve recently flashed on my phone. I found it appropriate collect information about it and share it here.

Canadian Android

There is a lot of content about Android out there. I’ve noticed there’s a fair bit of Canadian mobile content as well. But not much that is strick to both. Here, I’ll be collecting articles, news, reviews, etc. that are directly related to Android devices, and will apply to Canadian units.

Injustice Daily

My go-to game these days, it only made sense that I share all my findings into this magazine.

So please, if you’re a Flipboard user, and even if you’re on iOS, go ahead and subscribe and share!