After a long year of being an Android user, I finally decided to buck up and root my phone. Along with that, unlocking, and flashing a new ROM – Paranoid Android (PA) version 3.5.

I’m an obvious tech guy, and a huge Android fan now, so I knew the day would come where I’d have to learn how to do this myself. No matter how scary the thought (and the process at the time) was.

In case you actually haven’t heard, PA is a very popular ROM which is getting a lot of attention from people all over Twitter and Google+.  Aside from their cool ability to control your screen resolution – per app! – they now have Pie Control and the newest toy, Halo. I could go on and on about PA and its features, providing reasons why I’d want to mess around with Google’s near perfection in the first place, but instead I’ll share some videos;

I must say though, I did have one beef with my Galaxy Nexus for the longest time. Only one button could wake the screen. (Unless and app did, like SMS Popup, or WhatsApp.) Well hallelujah, PA has an option right within its settings that allows the volume controls to wake the screen when pressed! That right there made the effort worth while for me!

If you’re curious what route I took to unlock, root, and install the ROM, I’ll share the links here;

How to Root Galaxy Nexus! [Universal Guide][GSM/Verizon/Sprint][Windows/Linux/Mac][GB/ICS/Jelly Bean]

Install Paranoid Android (PA 3.5) with Halo on Galaxy Nexus GSM

How to Install Custom ROM in CWM Recovery

Screen cap of my phone after a successful install.