Image from the official Injustice website

I’ve noted that many, many people out there have purchased the season pass for Injustice: Gods Among Us, not fully understanding what it really entails.

While viewing comments for the Injustice Facebook Page, I’m constantly seeing angry responses from users. These users are in an uproar, because understandably, when one calls something a season pass you’d expect to be covered for the entire season. This is a common trait in nearly all other video games offering this, such as at Battlefield and the Call of Duty series.

Well, sorry to be another bearer of bad news. From the official website:

Injustice: Gods Among Us Season Pass grants purchasers access to four of the game’s upcoming downloadable characters for the price of three.

Not quite what you expected in relation to the title, is it?
All the costume packs, and your 5th, or maybe 6th downloadable character will be a cost over what you’ve already dished out for the pass.
Now I didn’t take law school or anything, but I’d call this a bait and switch. Their (the developers of Injustice) title means one thing, their description means another. I see this being no different than McDonalds having a sign outside saying “Free Coffee! Come on in!” and once inside another sign saying “Get your free coffee with an order of 10 Big Macs”. 
Wait, what?
It’s a prick move on the part of NetherRealm Studios, and I don’t agree with it. At all. I don’t even own a season pass and I’m rather bothered by this.
Developers, if you happen to be reading this lone post on the internet, please consider any of the following to make your customers happy;
  • Change the title from Season Pass to 4-Character Pack or something non misleading
  • Keep Season Pass, but charge more to cover your own costs. 
  • Make sure your season pass description is much easier to see. I saw whoever runs the Facebook page link people to your news announcement. That is a terrible place to hold the information. It should be front and centre on the Injustice Page. 
  • Make sure your description is clearly visible within the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace.