My new go-to game of choice these days is Injustice: Gods Among Us. This isn’t a game I’d normally go for, especially since I’m primarily a first person shooter player.

A friend of mine got me Mortal Kombat “Komplete Edition” (MK9) a few months ago.  I’ve always liked the MK series since the first one came out in the early 90s, maybe the late 80s?  So I decided to give this a go, and had a lot of fun. Coincidentally, another friend of mine is a huge gamer in the fighting game community, and lead me to many useful videos. Those of which both exposed me to great tips, and to see the huge following that’s out there competitively.

Since getting this game was only a couple months ago, it only made sense to pick up Injustice since it it’s also made by NetheRealm Studios. I figured this would be another hit.

Well, I’d say I was right with that assumption. But wow, it certainly isn’t the same game.

For starts, there is no block button!  After playing Mortal Kombat on and off for these years, and never playing Street Fighter, holding back/away to block felt so weird. That said, after playing a fair bit, I’m starting to get the reflex in check. But I still hold the R2 button accidentally, which is the button to use your meter.

The feel off the game is another difference. Each player feels very different from each other. They all move at different speeds, jump different heights, reach different lengths, and have various damage per hit.

Killer Frost: My Go-To Character

I’ve played all the characters quite thoroughly, except for online. Right now I’d say my top choice is Killer Frost. She’s pretty badass, and she has a slide move which really seems to catch opponents off guard, leading them open to a follow-up combo.

From what I’ve been noticing online, she also seems to be less popular than Batman, Green Lantern, Sinestro, or (shudder) Deathstroke. The bonus is there’s less chance of people being familiar with her moves, leaving me a better chance to sneak in with the slide move, or the “iceburg” move.

Helpful Links

I’ve accumulated a decent list of links to websites and videos full of tips and tricks.

  • My YouTube playlist of Injustice videos: How-to videos, and recorded matches of some of the best players out there.
  • TestYourMight: A site with all the base combos and moves. It’s really a repeat of what is provided within the game, but it is laid out very well, and useful to keep near you on your phone or tablet while you play the game.
  • Costume Unlocks: IGN provided a cool page showing how to unlock all the extra costumes within the game.
  • Injustice on Google+: There’s a small community growing on Google+! Check it out!
  • Injustice on Reddit: There’s a Reddit for everything. It’s pretty active there too. Lots of talk.