While browsing the Webby Awards website, I came across Cli.pr. I’ll start off by sharing their video;

To reiterate the video, this is a tool to make a one page website, full of nearly anything you want. The tools provided make building the page very easy, and no knowledge of code is needed.

Adding pics is as easy as dragging files from your desktop to the browser window. It’s very fast, and pretty cool. Great for instances where you might want to share something that would normally take up multiple posts on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

By no means would this be a replacement for other social media platforms. But it can be a great tool.

Here’s an example (which may or may not expire in 24hours because I’m not creating an account): http://cli.pr/Ff0YAVp

Give it a shot to see what it’s about. Jump right in and create: http://cli.pr/create