You really do look goofy wearing these things! I could probably use them as ear muffs in our -20C weather we’re having.

Since my game of choice these days is Black Ops 2, I hooked these bad boys up to my PS3 on Christmas late in the evening, and sat in awe. I can’t compare to Turtle Beach or anything as these are my first, but I can say the quality of even just the music is FANTASTIC. Just the intro music of Black Ops 2 sounded phenomenal.

Then I got into a match – and wow… I finally see what all the hype is about when it comes to headsets and video games.

The sounds of explosions, footsteps, breaths, reloading weapons, and of course people chatting (taunting/trolling) to each other – it all brought me in closer to the game. The only downfall was I just to adjust to this and had quite a few lousy initial matches.

I do believe I literally jumped in my seat once or twice when someone snuck up behind me and blew me away with a shotgun. Fun though.

The quality of these things is ace in my opinion. Comfortable enough that after wearing them for about 3 hours last night, my ears weren’t sore at all. (Naturally warm though.) Even the padding under the band calls out quality and they seem like they’d be durable for a lengthy time.

The only thing I worry about is the retractable microphone. It’s flimsy, and I fear if I forget to push it back in when not in use, it’ll snap off or something.