I’m aware my title is confusing. It is meant to be.

On Winnipeg Heights, quite a few people were raving like crazy about an app called Tasker. Being the Android nerd I am, I had to look into it.

Several YouTube videos and forum reads later, I could see the potential of what it can do for both beginners and advanced users, and felt it was more than worth the $6 fee to get it. So I did.

While I’m still very far from an advanced user, I do have this app running a few “tasks” for me every day.

  1. When I near my house, Wi-Fi shuts on automatically. I taught it learn what radio towers are by my house, and as such, when it recognizes them, the Wi-Fi turns on, and therefore connects to my Wi-Fi network at home. When the reverse happens (not near these towers) it turns off Wi-Fi. Doing this practice saves me battery power.
  2. When I plug in my headphones, the media audio level goes up/down to the half way point, and Play Music app opens. 
  3. When I plug in my phone to a power source (USB or AC) the clock app opens, alarm volume is full, keyguard is off, and screen dims. I do this because I normally charge my phone once per day, at night. It’s also my alarm clock now. 🙂
  4. During Mon-Friday, between 8am and 4:30pm, my phone goes silence. (Work hours)
  5. When the YouTube app is opened, the media volume goes to full, as does the brightness. The opposite occurs when the YouTube app is closed.
Since I’m new, this is all I have. But I’ve seen a lot of cool combos out there that people are doing. Some have it set that when Bluetooth connects to their car, the phone loads a car-related app, rotates the screen, keeps the screen on (no timeout), and puts the volume and brightness to full. When the car shuts off (cutting off Bluetooth) the phone automatically reverses to normal.
There are Wikis, YouTube tutorials, and forums galore that cover this app. If you become advanced, you can go as far as making your own widgets! If you’ve rooted your phone, you could go even further yet. (I’m not rooted on my devices.)
Give this a shot! Even if you just keep it simple like me, a lot of the little things can be taken care of for you! Very slick!