My first COD game that I played was Modern Warfare, and I did skip Modern Warfare 3 (although played it time to time at a friend’s house). Call me nutty, but despite the connection issues, I believe Black Ops 2 is probably the best of the Call of Duty series to date that I’ve played.

So why is this my favourite?

Variety. Fun.

This one has a ton of options when playing the game. Everyone loves playing the classic Team Deathmatch, but once in a while you need to mix it up. Headquarters, Domination, and Seek and Destroy are great, but more is needed. Now they’ve introduced Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed. (I think one, or both of these was introduced in Modern Warfare 3. ) These I find both a lot of fun, and certainly go hand-in-hand with the new Scorestreak system that’s been introduced in this COD.

Speaking of which, the Scorestreak system is brilliant. Now people can go for the objectives and still get a bonus, even without ever getting a frag. You don’t don’t seem to get the crazy good rewards like people calling in dogs all the time. In fact, I think I’ve only seen swarm and dogs maybe once each since I’ve started playing.

The class setup and having a 10 unit combo is also a great move in my eyes. I was never one to swap guns when out of ammo. Yes, that isn’t something to be proud of. But now I can opt out of that secondary weapon and give myself that extra attachment to my primary weapon. Or maybe have four perks instead of usual 3 – and I think 3 is all we’ve ever seen in prior COD games. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong there.)

Now if you were to ask me about single player – don’t. I haven’t even chosen that option on my PS3 yet. Who knows, I may never will either. I haven’t played through Black Ops 1 single player yet. The same goes for Zombies. That is a game type I don’t find fun. I’ve tried in Black Ops 1, but I get far to annoyed when I die and have to start all over again.

As for the multiplayer, this Winnipeg nerd is giving it two thumbs up!