Screenshot of my tablet screen.

I thought I’d update my blog with a new list of my favourite apps for Android. Over on Twitter, I’ve been mentioning some of my new finds, and apparently I’ve peaked the interest of a few followers. I will list my apps by title, and in brackets, I’ll add if it’s on my phone, the Galaxy Nexus, and/or my tablet, the Asus Transformer TF300T.

Flipboard (Phone)

I’m not going to save this for last. I’m going to get right to the major want and desire to write this blog post. Flipboard is just f***ing awesome, straight up.  If you’re one to use Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, or all of the above, then this is an app for you!

Flipboard brings a new, fun, and stylish way to view your RSS and social media feeds. I don’t know how these guys do it, but they just make everything look so good. Flying through Facebook updates, and then to Instagram, to G+, to an RSS feed, back to Twitter… It’s seamless, and effortless on my phone. I don’t even have to open five apps to browse. Just this one.

And did I mention you can share what you see, make comments on posts, Like, G+, and fav posts, and even create status updates?

Give it a try. Trust me. It’s very worth it. And free!

I really hope to see this available for 10″ tablets. It just became available for the 7″ units. Crossing my fingers!

Feedly (Phone/Tablet)

Feedly was found on my journey to find an alternative to Flipboard on my tablet. It unfortunately does not integrate social media though. For me, this is a big short coming. However, it blows the Google Reader app out of the water. It is yet another gorgeous app that organizes all my RSS feeds wonderfully well.

A great benefit of this app is using the extension version within your browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. I’ve added Feedly to my Chrome browser on my home computer, and it too is wonderful to use. Everything I organize on there also mirrors itself to my tablet and phone. Same goes for marking articles as read.

Although not something I use, Feedly has the ability to save articles onto your device so you can read it later w/o using data.

Evernote (Phone/Tablet)

Evernote is still one of my favourite apps. I raved about this app before, so I won’t go into details. However I have added a couple other apps that work with Evernote and have been quite handy to have!

Hello (Phone)

Hello is an app that is great when you meet someone new, and want to get their info a little quicker than usual. It’s also just as fun to use with friends who want add themselves to your contact list, but maybe with a few self made photos, and extra info.

It is an app that is designed so you can hand the phone over to the person you met, and they can easily fill in the blanks with ease. It works with Evernote and saves the profiles to a special notebook. I haven’t used this a whole lot yet, but the person who told me about it raved about this app.

Skitch (Phone/Tablet)

If you ever wanted to take a photo as a note, or something to reference, and then place text on it, this is the best app out there. It’s overly simplistic nature actually makes as good as it is. All photos after being edited with notes and arrows, can be added to a notebook within Evernote.

AirDroid (Phone/Tablet)
This is one of the first apps I downloaded on my phone back in the summer. I believe I’ve written about this before, but in short, it allows you to connect your device to your PC or Mac via Wi-Fi. All you do is install the app, and on your PC/Mac browser, go to You point the camera at your computer screen where a QR code is shown, and boom. Instant access to your device on your computer. You can transfer music, photos, PDFs, etc. You can also use the text messaging!

The USB method of connecting my phone to my iMac has been goofy. But using this app has been trouble free!

Tablet Talk (Phone/Tablet)
One feature I missed from my old BlackBerry Torch and PlayBook, was the ability to leave my phone upstairs on the charger, and text using my tablet. With Tablet Talk, I can once again do this.
I’ve made a video review which you can see below:

Nova Launcher (Phone/Tablet)
It took me a while, but I finally started to experiment with launchers. Launchers are pretty wild, as they give you a new look and feel to your basic Android system. Nothing crazy like when others flash new ROMs. Launchers don’t involve anything more complex like rooting or unlocking. You just install it and go!

I have experimented with a few options out there. Apex and GoLauncher to name a couple. But there’s something about Nova that’s grasped me. It feels really quick and smooth when navigating around. Right now I’m just using the free version on both my devices. But I can see myself paying the $4 to unlock its full potential!

Maluuba (Phone)
I still haven’t used this as much as I want to have. This is an app (made in Canada!) that is a serious competitor to Siri and Google Now! You have to try it to see why it’s better or at least just as good. It integrates itself really well with Google Calendar. It also seems to work better than Google Now when it comes to the smaller things, like when I say “Set the timer for 5 minutes”.

The UI is also great. It really appears to have taken a cue from Windows 8, and Windows Mobile – but I don’t see it as a bad thing. Its quite nice.

ES File Explorer (Phone)

For the few times I’ve needed to find a file, such as ringtone, PDF, etc – this app has been great. Easy to use too.
I suppose I should mention the app that I’m using to write the rough draft of this post. Blogger is a great app to get the basic job done. A little difficult if you want to start embedding images, videos, or even linking to other places. But if you just want to get your ideas down until you can sit in front of a computer and edit – this app does just fine.

If you happen to know of a better alternative, please, please feel free to let me know in the comments section, or contact me via Twitter! @PegCityNerd

SketchBook Pro (Tablet)

One heck of an awesome drawing app, what can I say? I can do some pretty fancy drawings using this. Having a stylus certainly helps too.

Reddit Is Fun (Tablet)

If you’re a regular on, this is the app for you. It pulls everything from the website, even your subscriptions (requires login) in a great interface that works great on a tablet. Careful. You can waste a lot of time here!

Games (Phone/Tablet)

Grouped together here, I’ll mention the few games I’ve downloaded and actually play somewhat often;
  • Tetris
  • Jewels
  • Triple Town
  • Dragon, Fly
  • Death Worm
  • Grabatron
  • Granny Smith
  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Mega Jump
  • Wind-up Knight
  • Canabalt HD
Sorry, I’m going to be lazy and not bother linking to each game in the Google Play Store.