Since buying my Galaxy Nexus, I’ve obviously fallen in love with Android. There’s nothing I don’t like about it, …except for the fragmentation thing.

It should be no surprise that ever time I pickup my BlackBerry PlayBook, I find myself sighing with disappointment. I realized I really need to sell this, and do it before it’s worth nothing at all.

So what next? Which tablet do I get to replace it?

Well for a short time I was certain it would be the Nexus 7. Like my phone, it’s straight from Google, and would be one of the first devices to see Google’s updates. (Such as Jelly Bean’s release.) The performance of it is awesome, and the price tag is very appealing as well. And like my PlayBook, I’m already used to the 7″ screen size.

However, I’ve come to realize that getting a 7″ tablet again maybe a silly choice, especially when that’s only a couple inches larger than my new phone. Suddenly, the PlayBook’s and Nexus 7’s screen, doesn’t seem to be all that appealing. My wife’s iPad, however, is.

No, I don’t mean I want to get a new iPad. But I have surprised myself to find I want a 10″ screen now.

That leads me to a new problem. What in the world should I get?

Ultimately, I want two things on the new tablet. SketchBook Pro, and web browsing. I know someone who has a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and SketchBook runs on it just fine. I toyed around with the tablet and I enjoy it very much. However, it’s still on HoneyComb (there’s that fragmentation thing…) and the OS actually doesn’t support the new Chrome browser. That sucks because I absolutely love that browser.

Then people chimed in on Twitter and Google+ and suggested I wait for the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Wow! Because I really want to get back into drawing, this is very appealing! I just wish I knew when it is coming out, and how much it’ll cost me! Without knowing either of these factors, I find myself wondering if I’ll be waiting for months, or if I should just go get something else.

If you have a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment!