When I decided on my Galaxy Nexus, it pretty much for one main reason. I wanted Android to be what Google wanted it to be. I wanted to receive all the new stuff Google was going to toss out there. And days before I settled on my phone, Jelly Bean (4.1) was announced.

So off to Rogers I went. I said I wanted the Galaxy Nexus, and had to explain why in the world I wasn’t asking for the S3.
Now low and behold, I apparently didn’t do enough researching… And that’s saying a lot because I tend to research the hell out of products I’m interested in.
I had come to find that not all Galaxy Nexus phones, really are pure Google phones. In fact, most outside the US have a varient of Ice Cream Sandwitch! I came to learn about Yakju. Yakju is the build which in simple terms, is straight Google. No flavours added.
I, on the other hand, was running Yakjuux. I was also still on 4.0.2, not 4.0.4.
Here I was, expecting to be one of the many who would receive Jelly Bean, version 4.1.1 OTA (over the air)… When I come to find that I probably would not. At least not for many more weeks. Maybe months?
So here I sat. I felt jipped that my phone was advertised as pure Google, yet any updates that were released would have to still go through Rogers and/or Samsung because I’m in Canada. It wasn’t sitting right with me.
So my hunt began. I didn’t want to void my warranty on a two week old phone, which I knew could happen if I rooted. I had to see if people were finding ways to get the updates w/o root.

Low and behold, I found this website: http://digitaligloo.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/guide-update-your-galaxy-nexus-from-yakjuux-to-yakju-4-0-4-mac-os-x/

Many other sites were referring to it, plus the large amount of comments (with him responding) lead me to believe it was a safe path to take. Turns out I was right!

Step by step, I followed the instructions to the letter, being careful I didn’t mess up or spell something wrong (I copied and pasted all the commands) so I didn’t brick my phone.

After the reboot, I was in 4.0.4, and Yakju! And wouldn’t you know, when I checked again for a system update, there it was, in all its glory – 4.1.1.

So now I’m running Jelly Bean. Never rooted.

I’ve spent most of my evening recollecting my apps from the Play store and setting them back up. I also found out Google isn’t backing up other info such as Email accounts (other than GMail) so I set that back up as well.  Otherwise my photos, background, and even my WiFi was all saved through Google’s sync.

I’ll write up another post regarding my thoughts on Jelly Bean. It’s certainly fun so far and the differences are noticeably there.