I’ve had my Galaxy Nexus (GN) for roughly a week and half and I’ve been loving it. As time passes,  I found, with some shame, that I’m not missing my BlackBerry very much. …If at all.

One of the issues I was having was connecting my GN to my iMac. If you connect an Android phone to a PC, apparently there’s little issue. The phone will just connect and show up as another drive, like a USB memory stick. But on OSX, that’s not the case.

Google recommends using their OSX program called File Transfer.

It sucks.

I’ve had a huge consistency problem with the program. It would freeze probably five times before it would finally connect. And I’d have to do a lot of messing around with the USB computer connection settings. I’d have to bounce between MTP or PTP, unplug the USB cable, plug it back in, restart the transfer program on my iMac… It was monotonous.

Then came along a suggestion from the Winnipeg Heights forumAirDroid.

Holy wonder-app, Batman!

I installed the app tonight and I am honestly doing everything you’re seeing in the video I’ve shared here. Not only am I cordless, and not only is it stupid-simple to connect the two, but I can pretty well connect to anyone with WiFi and a web browser and do all these things. Brilliant!

FYI, this even worked on my wife’s iPad (using Chrome)!

The only glitch that did occur was my message app. It somehow got confused and every time I tried to open my Messages, my Email would open instead. Even after force closing AirDroid. However, after I rebooted my device, this didn’t happen again, so it may have been a fluke.

Overall, I think this is fantastic! Tonight I’ll probably connect my phone to my computer and if someone is texting me, I can see it on my big screen. Awesome!