Winnipeg downtown drivers are pissing me off more and more. I am normally pretty patient. But when I get dirty looks for obeying the law I get really red in the face.

I pick up my wife from the Richard building downtown after work every weekday. From there I have to turn right off Lombard onto Main.

What happens all the damn time are people not turning into the lane closest to the curb (on the right). In fact they are trying to cross a lane and merge into stalled traffic.

Its all because of the bus lane. Everyone thinks they cannot drive in it at all! So instead of turning into the lane and merging to their left, they just sit there and hold up the line on Lombard.

Meanwhile I always turn into the bus lane and merge left. AS I AM SUPPOSED TO. But what happens when I am in said lane to merge into traffic that is moving at the speed of a crawl? I get honked at by busses and dirty looks from pedestrians waiting to board the loser cruiser.

F*** off already, Winnipeg. If you don’t like it, get out there and work on ditching the bus lanes and give it back to the overly congested traffic.