I finally did it. I jumped ship from BlackBerry to Android last Friday. I know, I know… I was one of those crazy guys who kept yapping about how the good the phones are. How they’re better for typing and that Canadians should probably care at least a little for supporting a Canadian company such as RIM.

But you see, RIM, was one of those friends who you keep defending, and said friend just keeps getting into trouble expecting you to help them out over and over again.

Well, when RIM announced their financial state last week, laid off 5000 employees, and that BlackBerry 10 (BB10) would be delayed until 2013 – it was final nail in the coffin.

BB10 was looking to be pretty awesome. Their virtual keyboard was clever, as was their multitasking. The swiping gestures, in my opinion, is still the best on the BlackBerry PlayBook.  But this new phone and OS is useless if it doesn’t come out within a reasonable amount of time. And that time should have been yesterday. Yet here we go, once again, RIM is so messed up they can’t get things pushed out the door as quick as Apple or Google.
Sorry RIM. I stood up for you as long as I could hold out. But eventually it got a point where the people holding iPhones and Androids all thought I was just being silly. I ran out of reasons for liking BlackBerry more than the other smartphones.With the exception of the physical keyboard. That I still believe RIM always did the best at. But compared to all the other things smartphones are doing these days, it’s not enough now.

I’ll hang onto my PlayBook for a while longer. It’s doing it’s simple job of letting me hop onto the internet though it’s good browser while sitting in my living room. Plus, 2.1 is supposed to be coming (eventually) and it should get a little better. Further down the timeline I may even see an update to BB10. The question is, will I actually wait 9 months for this? With things like the Google Nexus 7 recently being announced, it’s hard to look at my RIM product and still feel satisfied.