I know. Its crazy. Rob, the BlackBerry fan boy even considering another mobile platform. But here I am. Writing out a new post, using a loaner Nexus, and making this post in the Blogger app.

Something lacking on BlackBerry smart phones, and even the PlayBook. And yes, I have side loaded the app on the PlayBook but it doesn’t work.

As the battery in my Torch 9800 went from hero to zero, I realized it may be time to upgrade. The original choice would be a BB7 phone, such as the newest Bold. But I found that would be a silly decision since BB10 is promised to arrive in the fall.

Along came a friend with his old Android phone. Before selling it, he offered me to take it and use it for a few days to see how I like it.

I set it up as my own. My apps. My contacts. My emails.

Guess who fell in love with it?

All the apps on here are More polished than on the PlayBook. Things look better. There are more options.

The only thing I am missing so far is the physical keyboard. But that said, I am typing all this out now on the virtual keyboard and doing fairly well. The text prediction is pretty wild.

As time progresses with this I’ll try to check in again here and give an update.