So… DICE did it again. After the lastest large patch that was released a few weeks ago –  a patch that changed the game dynamics dramatically – people have found a new flaw/bug/glitch. This glitch makes the old USAS-12 with Frag look like a Fisher Price toy.


Seriously, DICE?

What’s going on here is people found that if you pick a gun with rail mounting capabilities ( specifically the G3A3) set it up with Heavy Barrel, and attach the M26 DART to it, each and every pellet fired will now have the same damage delivered as the actual bullet which would from the gun it’s been mounted too!


I gave this a shot the other with friends. I don’t have the G3A3 unlocked yet as I don’t play much Co-Op at all. So I used the M16A4 with a mounted Dart. Oh man, did I dominate. I also pissed off my friends on the other team because it’s just that bad.

Please DICE, you need to fix this. While it’s fun to use, it’s just not fair either. We all pay good money to play your game, and tolerating the freezing issues has been enough.